Juice Heater

Quick Overview : Juice heater is a cylinderical equipment which is use in sugar industry to heat the sugar cane juice and evaporate water from it. It is made from cylindrical container.

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Juice heater is such type of device which is used to evaporate and clean sugar cane juice in sugar industry. In the juice heater applied high pressure steam. Because high pressure steam is very valuable, exhaust steam is often used for juice heating or, if possible, preferably bled vapour from the evaporators. It is thus necessary to have a heat exchanger between vapour and juice; this is provided by the juice heaters.

The juice heater consists of an assembly of tubes. These tube contain juice which is circulates in it, and the vapour outside them. Suitable headers force the juice to pass a certain number of times from bottom to top and from top to bottom of the heater by restricting the juice each time to a few of the tubes


  • Heating raw, sulphur, and clear juice (300oC to 900oC).
  • Suited for use in sugar plants.