Rotary Gear Pump

Quick Overview : Rotary gear pump is a type of positive displacement pump. Rotary gear pump moves a fluid by repeatedly enclosing a fixed volume using interlocking cogs or gears, transferring it mechanically using a cyclic pumping action. It delivers a smooth pulse-free flow proportional to the rotational speed of its gears

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An rotary gear pump uses the meshing of gears to pump fluid displacement. In this pump assembly two adjacent gear one rotor and another is idle. When rotor gear drive the idler gear, then the space caused by the crescent offsetting the gears and the meshing of the gear teeth displace the fluid, expelling it to the discharge port.

Design Features

Gear pump are of rotary class. Two gears housed in circular casing have teeth meshed. The side on which gear teeth separate is suction and the other side where they close in is delivery of pump. As the gear teeth separate on the suction side of the pump, liquid fills the spaces between them. These pumps have double HALICAL cut herringbone teeth gear. Pumps have driving and driven shaft mounted in bush type bearing which are either self lubricated type or lubricated by the fluid pumped or externally by means of the grease cups provided on end covers.


Gear pumps are excellent for pumping thick and viscous liquids ,oil, fats, soap, syrups, lyes, molasses, tank loading and unloading.

Direction of Rotation

Looking at the coupling end of drive shaft the pump rotates clock wise, the drive shaft being above the idler shaft. In this position the suction flange of pump is on left hand and delivery flange on the right hand side.


Pumps are available in sizes from 2’’X2’’ to 6’’X6’’

Rating chart of Pumps

S.N Size of Pump in Inch Pump speed rpm Capacity T.P.H. Molasse Moter H.P. at head in meter
1 2’’x2’’ 300/500/700 3.3/5.5/7.7 2HP Head 15/3HP Head 25
2 3’’x3’’ 200/300/500 10/15/25 3HP Head 20/ 5 HP Head 30
3 4’’x4’’ 200/300/400 20/30/50 7.5 HP Head 25/10 Head 50
4 6’’x6’ 200/300/500 35/62/67 20 HP Head 15/25Head 25