Sulphur Diaphragm Valve

Quick Overview : Sulphur diaphragm valve or membrane valves is a equipment which is use in shut-of and throlling service for vaccume and selpher tower sugar plants. It is consists of a valve body with two or more ports, an elastomeric diaphragm.

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Diaphragm valves are available in two basic forms: weir type and straight through types. SAB Engineering manufacturar straight through types. The straight through type can be used in situations where the flow direction changes within the system. In diaphragm straight through types valve a flexible disc attached with a seat at the top of the valve body. The flexible disc apply force on valve to open or close to alow fluid.


  • Diaphragm valves can be used in the pharmaceutical, food processing, water treatment and sugar industries industies because it have minimal contact surfaces and are considered the cleanest valve
  • It can be used in radwaste systems in nuclear facilities